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About Us

Contact us via the link (connect via WhatsApp for easy international calling or texting)  to discover how we can craft the perfect Tanzania safari for you!


The value of our tours is rooted in our staff’s depth of education and training along with decades of work in delighting customers with satisfying experiences.  A safari is all about quickly anticipating the instinctive patterns and behaviors of individual species.  Knowing where, how, and when to find the best wildlife opportunities is an almost “instinctive” quality with us!  A successful safari is a collection of many little moments, and our business name suggests that we can instinctively anticipate YOUR preferences and desires!

Word from the Director


My name is Arnold Makinda, and  I am a senior local tour guide from Tanzania. I have a degree in Tourism Management and a diploma in Range and Wildlife Science and Ecology. I have over 26 years of tour guiding experience, with an in-depth knowledge of wildlife, culture and natural history.  During the low season, I am privileged to serve as an instructor with the Tanzanian Tour Guides Association, where I conduct skill training in guiding and customer care. In addition to leading countless safaris and game drives across Tanzania,  we have served several professional photographing and filming expeditions.  A particular specialty is leading and guiding bird-watching tours where we teach the fundamentals of wild avian identification and behavior.

Our Awards


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